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Westall Café


Are you a champion baker or budding chef? This program will allow you to demonstrate your creative skills by preparing delicious products designed around particular themes for not only yourself but for other students and community groups to sample and enjoy as well.



       Understand catering in a café and the business side of running a café/restaurant. Master the art of coffee making and sweet/savory catering. Students will grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh seasonal food and to help positively influence their food choices in the future. Students will spend some time each week with the up keep of the garden, harvest the seasonal produce as well as the cooking and sharing of food. There will also be a focus on the ethical concerns in the food industry and how the community can positively influence this. Students will be able to:

  • Grow their produce

  • Establish and maintain a vegetable garden.

  • Understand the plant and flower function 


  • Marketing and Business

  • Cooking skills and catering

  • Coffee Art and Making

  • Cakes, Sweets and Baking

  • Savory Delights

  • Build and maintain a fruit, vegetable and herb garden, which will drive the cooking lessons, based on the seasonal produce.

  • Practical approach to the design of a garden.

  • Learn about different plant propagation techniques

  • Look at different methods of producing food in a garden.


  • Research regarding the seasons for growing specific fruit and vegetables

  • Garden maintenance

  • Harvesting of produce

  • Designing of cooking schedule

  • Researching of recipes

  • Cooking

  • Sharing and eating of food

  • Catering for local groups

  • Coffee Course

  • Selling products within the school

  • Establishment and maintenance of a vegetable garden,


    • Green house

    • Types of soils

    • Position in the garden (sun, shade, under cover)

  • Working with the local council

  • Working with the home tech team

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