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VCE Study Space

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       Study Space and tutoring is an opportunity for senior school students to maximize their learning to manage their study program.  It is designed to promote success in VCE.  Students are developing key personal learning skills in managing time and resources to complete work set by their subject teachers as well as preparation for SACs and exams.  Support is also provided to students by specialized teachers and university tutors available for individual and group tuition as well as access to programs.  A 40+ Club is also available for those that are capable and are aspiring to 40+ study scores in one or more Unit ¾ subject.  Students are expected to work both autonomously as well as having the opportunity to collaborate and work with small teams of students for peer support.


Students bring coursework to this program every Wednesday and use the time to revise and complete coursework, complete assessment tasks and prepare for exams.


  • Study Skills Sessions

  • Guest and Motivational Speakers

  • Tutoring

  • Exam Preparation

  • Study Techniques

  • Edrolo

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