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Outdoor Ed/Adventure

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       This program provides students with the skills and knowledge to safely participate in activities in outdoor and local environments and to respect and value diverse environments.


This study enables students to:

  • develop experience-based relationships with, and knowledge of, outdoor environments

  • develop skills, knowledge and behaviours that promote safe and appreciative interaction with outdoor environments

  • to experience Australian cultural practices through outdoor and adventure activities.


The program encourages students to explore the world in which they live and to become involved in their local communities. It provides them with the skills required to become independent, life-long learners who are confident, responsible and reliable. This program is concerned with the ways humans interact with, and relate to, outdoor and local environments. Activities undertaken may include: camp experience, day trips, surfing, rock climbing, bush walking, canoe touring, cycle touring, swimming activities, and participation in community projects.


  • Challenge and adventure activities addresses how individuals participate in a variety of physical activities designed to challenge them physiologically, behaviourally and socially in diverse contexts and environments.

  • Challenge and adventure activities include initiative games, movement challenges (as individuals and in teams or groups), recreational activities in natural and outdoor settings and navigational challenges.

  • Lifelong physical activities - these activities can also include swimming, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, bushwalking, recreational cycling and resistance training.

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