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       - Provide students with a forum of starting their own business from scratch. Students would have an idea or come up with an idea of what they could produce to sell themselves. This subject provides methods and techniques for developing the ideas into solid business models. Outcome – students will have developed a business model, and in following years, business should demonstrate growth.


  • Opening up the idea

  • Finding out what really motivates the founder

  • Working out an entrepreneurial design

  • Discovering potential in what exists already

  • Function instead of convention

  • Recombining what already exists

  • Turning work into fun and entertainment

  • Business Plan Concepts

  • Organisational Structure,

  • Operational Plan,

  • Marketing Plan

  • Financial Plan


  • Guest speakers of entrepreneurs

  • Development of a Business Plan

  • Participate in market research forums

  • Development of Product

  • Participate in Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition

  • Participate in Plan Your Own Enterprise Competition

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