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Visual Arts and Media

Purpose :

A hands on program where students are given the freedom to explore their own creative ideas using both two and three-dimensional media. Students will develop skills in using materials, processes, techniques and technology. Students will gain confidence and independence working individually and collaboratively


- Students will be given the opportunity to develop skills in a Visual Arts area they are passionate about. The focus of this program is for students to be able to create, make, express, explore the visual arts in a stimulating and relaxed environment. Students will be gain first hand experience working with professional artists, participating in visual arts workshops and viewing a range of exhibition spaces.



  • Sculpture and Ceramics

  • Metalwork and casting

  • Digital and Traditional Photography

  • Textiles and Garment Construction

  • Printmaking: stencilling, tee shirt transfers

  • Painting and Drawing

  • Visual Communication Design

  • Film, TV, Video production

  • Computer based animation, stop motion, hand drawn, cut out, special effects

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